Bitcoin Trading Bots

Bitcoin Trading Bots

In the table below you can find the top 3 Bitcoin trading bots. Our test winner is the software “Bitcoin Era”, with which you can earn 250 to 1000 euros per week. Bitcoin Bot sounds so technical and too cryptic and obscure for many an investor. But we are talking about Bitcoin trading robots. And robots, as we all know, are made to make life and work easier for us humans. So don’t be afraid of bitcoin trading robots. We will show how it works.

A Bitcoin bot is programmed to automatically use trading signals. There are countless offers on the market. The Bitcoin trading bot “Bitcoin Era” is one of the most popular, along with Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Revolution. All three bots enjoy an excellent reputation in the online trader community and we would like to show you which of the three is the best Bitcoin trading bot in our experience.

The three best Bitcoin trading robots in comparison

trading botCurrently, a lot of traders are eyeing the bots. The idea of achieving positive trading results automatically without having to trade yourself is too tempting. We have taken a closer look at the three popular bots “Bitcoin Era”, Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Revolution, as they offer similar trading concepts. All three of them advertise that the trading results of their bots are much higher than those of manual trading. As a rule, positive results are even achieved several times a day when day trading. Whether this is really true, we have tested and share our results with you here.

Bitcoin Era

Already in 2017, Bitcoin Era was able to post a verified win rate of 90%. Traders can join with a minimum deposit of $250. Maximum payout per day and customer: $465. According to the operator, profits of over $50,000 are regularly distributed after just seven days. Trading is possible with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, such as Ripple, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash and other Altcoins.

The Trading Cockpit is user-friendly and can also be used for manual trading. When auto-trading, the user profile takes over the signals of the trading bot. This is convenient because the trader gains valuable time and does not have to pay attention to the chart developments himself.

Registration is done by email without double opt-in confirmation. The money to be traded should be deposited on XMarkets.
There is no demo version. The trader must deposit the minimum deposit of $250 to be able to test the software live.

Bitcoin profit

Bitcoin Profit might be the best known on the market. The operators are preceded by their reputation as competent and reputable. None other than Sven Hegel, former software developer on Wall Street, developed the Bitcoin Code platform. The Bitcoin Trading Bot also offers trading in various other cryptocurrencies. The trading bot itself determines which cryptocoins it trades.

  • Currently, the success rate of automated trades is a whopping 90.4%, according to the company. The initial deposit is $250. The user specifies which exchanges he wants to connect to and the automated bot gets started.
  • The company advertises that the software earns its customers up to $13,000 profit a day. However, on the Internet you can also find many scam accusations. To find out what the truth is, we have tested the software for you.
  • Bitcoin Profit also comes with a simple registration without a double opt-in procedure. Short and crisp. Sign up, deposit, get started. For skeptics and beginners, we recommend using the free demo account offered.

New trading signals of assets with high percentage quality appear on the website tout jour. The bitcoin bot automatically takes over the opening of a position after you click on “Open Signal”. Profits are achieved comparatively quickly with Bitcoin Profit.

Bitcoin revolution

The two platforms are almost identical and can be operated in the same way. The main difference lies in the possible weekly profit. At 500 euros per user and week, this is much lower for Bitcoin Revolution than for Bitcoin Era. According to the company, the users’ experiences are positive across the board. There are success reports of up to EUR3,000 profit per day and trader on the website.

Both manual and autotrading work almost identically to Bitcoin Era. Advantage here: Trading signals do not need to be confirmed manually, as the bot executes and terminates all trades automatically and autonomously when you click on “Automatic trading”.

As with the other two platforms, registration takes place via email and without double opt-in. In addition, telephone number, first name and surname are requested. Immediately after registration, you can start trading right away. Simply deposit, confirm automatic trading and look forward to the profits.

Bitcoin Trading Bot – what is that?

The principle of Automated Bitcoin Trading was introduced several years ago. It involves automatic trading signals that allow traders to make profits that are often not feasible with manual day trading. Originally, trading bots were developed for CFD trading and the Forex market.

The bots are usually set to automatically generate a technical price analysis, based on the results of which buy and sell signals are generated. The bitcoin trading robot handles the opening and closing signals on its own. This allows you to achieve much higher profits than in manual day trading.

Hodln (Derived from the English word “hold” = hold), so medium- and long-term trading are not covered with the bots. They are developed specifically for day trading.

How does a Bitcoin bot work?

A bot only performs a technical price analysis of the currencies implemented in the software and not a fundamental analysis. The bot knows the specifics of each asset, such as Bitcoin, Ripple or Ethereum, very well. In addition, it usually consults the current price and trading volume before sending a buy or sell signal.

Due to decades of experience on the Forex market, new and above all recurring patterns could always be found, according to which assets usually behave on the market. For this purpose, currency pairs as well as stock prices and other parameters were examined.

These patterns are strongly considered in day trading in order to achieve small profits again and again, which can add up to a handsome total profit in the course of a day. Based on these patterns and experiences, experienced developers have developed programs that allow fully automated trading. The possibility of fully automated day trading has also been available for trading cryptocurrencies for quite some time.

The task of the bot: detect trends early, draw conclusions from the experience of past trades and automatically open and close positions for the trader. The success rate is not 100%, but experience shows that it is far higher than with manual trading. As a goal it is expected that at least 70% of the trades are closed with success. In the long run, the trader should exit the trade with profits.

What results does a Bitcoin trading bot deliver?

As a rule, a well-programmed Bitcoin trading bot delivers similar efficient results as a professional trader. Thanks to the volatility of the crypto market, day trading profits are traditionally higher than in the Forex market. Gains of over 200% per week are easily possible. Experience shows that the profits are even significantly higher. Trading Ethereum alone brought many a trader profits of more than 8000% in 2017.

Day trading with the help of a Bitcoin bot – experience?

Currently, trading cryptocurrencies is an El Dorado for every investor. Why not simplify your life a bit and use the services of a Bitcoin trading bot? Although the fattest profits in the crypto sector are still achieved in long-term trading, there is nothing to stop you from adding automated day trading to your portfolio. Especially since the use of a bot is also suitable for beginners.

Conclusion: Compared to other trading strategies, the three tested bots “Bitcoin Trader”, Bitcoin Code and Ethereum Code are much simpler. They are ideal for beginners or traders who do not want to or cannot spend their time in front of the computer day and night.

Bitcoin Trading Robots – Risks

The interest in BTC keeps growing and many newbie traders are coming into the trading world,  therefore the risks should also be mentioned! In the meantime, thanks to growing popularity, a tangible industry has been established around the Bitcoin Trading Robot sector. Only unfortunately, the same applies here: Where there is a lot of light, there is also a lot of shadow and black sheep lurk here as well. Therefore, be careful when choosing the right Bitcoin trading bot. In addition to the three established platforms “Bitcoin Trader”, Bitcoin Code and Ethereum Code, there are unfortunately some scammers. Here are all the Bitcoin bots we have exposed as scammers.

Two characteristics of a trading rip-off

  1. Firstly, websites are published whose operators cannot deliver the offered trading system at all. The deposited customer funds are simply retained and not used for trading. Be skeptical if you do not receive a double opt-in email upon registration.
  2. Secondly, the trading platforms deliver automated trades, but they are set up in such a way that the speculators only lose in the long run.

Where there is a lot to gain, there is unfortunately a lot of fraud and rip-off, you should be aware of that before you start trading. To date, cryptocurrency trading is hardly regulated by the government across countries. So if something goes wrong, investors can only plead fraud, if at all, due to lack of legal options in law enforcement.

Is trading with a Bitcoin bot recommended?

Basically YES, as long as you work with the right software. Profits can be made in the long run on all three platforms presented. Should you decide to use a bot, be careful not to get involved with a scammer. Rule of thumb: The less control the bot has over your money, the safer your investment is protected from fraud and unauthorized access.